CNC Plasma Cutting Services

High Definition Plasma Cutting for Quality, Precision, and Efficiency

Reducing manufacturing costs, improving lead times, and getting higher quality parts with high precision cuts almost sounds too good to be true. Fortunately, high definition plasma cutting is an attractive solution for non-ferrous metals and steel.

With extensive experience with CNC plasma cutting projects ranging from architectural and artistic to military and medical, Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company is your best choice for the capabilities, experience, and support that make a difference and results that exceed expectations.

Benefits of CNC High Definition Plasma Cutting

  • Cost Savings: Reduce fabrications costs by choosing precision plasma cut parts
  • Quality Improvements: Produce sharper inside/outside corners, sharper edges, and narrower kerf widths than conventional methods.
  • Efficient Production: Fabricating times reduced when parts are received with +/- .20" and free of dross and burrs.
  • Economical Productivity: Minimize scrap and reduce handling time given capacity to handle plate sizes as large as 100" x 260" which allows programmers to nest a large quantity of parts on a single sheet during plasma cutting processes.
  • Operational Efficiency: Parts continue to be produced by the High Definition Plasma system as our dual automatic pallet shuttle removes completed cut shapes while new material is simultaneously being loaded.
  • Design Flexibility: Eliminate the need for making templates, transferring to steel parts, center punching, hand-cutting and hand-grinding as the flexible table designs of our Fine Plasma Cutters are ideal for cutting holes and features in tubes and structural shapes as well as sheet and plate.

More Capabilities, More Experience, Better Results
Experience the GMFCO Difference when it comes to Plasma Cutting

With our unique capabilities, GMFCO serves customers across the country with state-of-the-art plasma cutting services and a full range of fabrication capabilities.

However, our edge comes down to more than just the machines under our roof, it comes from experience. From providing CNC plasma cutting for intricate architectural pieces at Mohegan Sun to the plasma cutting for aluminum Yacht frames, our experience combined with our capabilities is what makes GMFCO the fabricator of choice for so many customers.