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Metal Bending and Forming Services

GMFCO is an experienced welder for industries ranging from telecommunications and construction to architectural design and food processing. Our projects range from small to large and from simple to complex, but the common thread for every welding service we offer is quality, from beginning to end.

With our extensive equipment and years of expertise, we’re confident that our welding services can provide the precision needed for successful fabrications of every variety, and in sizes that many competing fabricators simply can’t handle.

For fabrications that rely on quality welds, schedules that rely on greater throughput, and budgets that rely on industry leading efficiency – Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company is a resource of choice.

Before Choosing a Welding Provider, Ask Yourself:

1. Can you afford to have a product that doesn’t perform to your standards because of inferior welding?

2. With welding technologies available including MIG welding, TIG welding, and automated robotic welding, do you know exactly what your particular project requires?

3. What level of experience and technology do your needs require? Could your project benefit from the greater efficiency, repeatability, and throughput of robotic welding? Can other prospective welders accommodate the size and precision you’re working with?

Our Commitment to Cutting Edge Welding Capabilities

We believe that a welder is only as good as the equipment they use, and therefore, we invest our resources to ensure we have up-to-date welding technology so that our AWS certified welders can efficiently do their jobs, and produce a precise welds on all your parts.

Since 1975, we have offered a wide range of aluminum and stainless steel welding services that are continually optimized, improved, and upgraded to bring our customers the latest welding technology has to offer. When combined with our comprehensive approach to quality control and project management, it’s no surprise that GMFCO has become the trusted welding and fabrication provider for customers and industries across the country.

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Parts Up to 12 Feet Long; 1/32" to 3/8" Thick | Mig/Tig, Robotic Welding, Automated Welding

Automatic Robotic Welding Capabilities

With automated Robotic Welding that can run day or night (or day and night), GMFCO has had the opportunity to help customers ranging from manufacturers to the military achieve the precision, speed, and cost efficiency they rely on. Learn more about our robotic welding capabilities

Custom Metal Welding