Large Custom Metal Fabrication Services

A silver custom metal stove pipe on a piece of equipment we use for our large custom metal fabrication services.

GMFCO was privileged to lend our custom fabrication expertise to create a “Don Draper” bench, designed by NYC firm Pentagram. The functional monument was designed to commemorate the final season of AMC’s Mad Men, and sat in front of the Time-Life building for the summer of 2015 (Read more about it here)


GMFCO is distinguished from its competition as a leading large custom metal fabrication company due to one “big” reason: We have the in-house capabilities to produce large machined parts that many other metal fabricators cannot accomplish.


All of our large custom metal fabrications are manufactured at our 70,000 sq. ft. facilities in Hudson, NH. Here, we house an exhaustive list of competencies that enable our skilled team to provide CNC machining services capable of meeting even the most challenging requirements when it comes to both size and precision.

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GMFCO | Dedicated to Becoming Your Competitive Advantage
We see opportunities where others see challenges

  • We can meet the demanding challenges for a wide range of industries to produce large custom parts that are meters in length, and weigh over several tons.
  • Our highly skilled staff is adept at addressing unique needs and will work hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure their products' manufacturability.
  • We implement quality assurance processes on all products including comprehensive testing to ensure specification compliance, mission performance, and structural integrity.
  • We achieve tight tolerances by utilizing only high performance CNC machines and specialized tooling, ensuring that your product will meet all design specifications.
  • We have the in-house capabilities to machine large custom explosive bonded stainless steel clad parts, straightening


At GMFCO, we strive to meet every customer's expectations for timeliness, quality, and communication. Further, our efficient metal forming processes will minimize handling time thereby reducing customer costs.

We believe it is our responsibility, as a leading custom metal fabricator, to invest in state-of-the art precision CNC machining equipment to continuously improve the services we provide to our customers.

We stand ready to assist you with your next metal fabrication project and look forward to working with you to solve your most critical metal fabrication design requirements.